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High Speed Internet Services / Rates
by Admin

The fastest internet starts with the best connections.

jamadots provides you the ultimate, online experience with mega-fast download speeds ranging from 6 Mbps to 100 Mbps. You can count on consistent and reliable internet speeds delivered over a superior, dedicated, fiber-optic network. Plus, your family will enjoy smoother streaming of shows, music, and movies, super-quick downloads, and lag-free gaming with always-on, dependable connections that are designed to ensure all the members of your household can make the most of their connected devices. And, peace of mind comes standard with jamadots internet service because, no matter which of our internet plans you choose, you’ve got a 24-hour technical support team, ready to assist with your connectivity issues, day or night.

Learn more about our network: Broadband Performance Report for High Speed Internet and jamadots Network Management Practices Policies.

Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

When we surveyed our broadband customers across the Upper Peninsula, we found that jamadots outperforms other providers in unrelated customer satisfaction surveys.**


6 / 1 Mbps $5095 / mo.
15 / 2 Mbps $5495 / mo.
30 / 4 Mbps $5995 / mo.
30 / 20 Mbps¹ $8995 / mo.
50 / 5 Mbps¹ $6495 / mo.
50 / 25 Mbps¹ $9995 / mo.
100 / 5 Mbps¹ $9995 / mo.
100 / 25 Mbps¹ $14995 / mo.
Some speeds may not be available in all areas. ¹Availability limited to  jamadots FttP areas only. Call for availability.

Click on the document icon to download and print a jamadots internet brochure.
jamadots internet brochure

Additional Internet Services
Visual VoiceMail - Turn your voicemail into an email & listen to it on any web enabled device with speakers.

ROKU Streaming Media Player - Watch more than 65,000 movies instantly with your jamadots high-speed internet connection.

Static IP's - Call your local customer service center for details and pricing.
Email ONLY Account - Call your local customer service center for details and pricing.
Internet Banner Advertising - Advertise on one of the U.P.'s most visited websites.

¹Source: 2012 Online Customer Satisfaction Survey for HTC, CCTC, OCTC, MTC, and jamadots. Source: 2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey for HTC, CCTC, OCTC, MTC, and performed by SDS Research.

Additional information:
Taxes, fees and surcharges are extra and will vary depending on location. Internet speeds may vary. Actual performance may vary due to conditions outside of jamadots network control. These conditions may include variables such as customer location, physical equipment limitations, network congestion, server and router speeds of web sites accessed, inside wiring, or telephone conditions. No minimum speed is guaranteed. jamadots does not guarantee data will be secure. All pricing and services provided are subject to the terms and conditions of subscriber agreement and are subject to change. Additional restrictions and equipment charges may apply. Services may not be available in all areas.
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